Saturday, July 21, 2007


i'm digging on chess these days. this is the game i played with walter in standard notation.

1. Walter started it off by moving to d4, as a direct response, i moved to b5
2. Walter moved to g3 and i moved to Bb7
3. Walter moved to f3 and i moved to d6
4. Walter moved to e3 and i moved to Qd7
5. Walter moved to h4 and i moved to e5
6. Walter moved to Ne2 and i moved to d5
7. Walter moved to Bh3 and i moved to Qd6
8. Walter moved to Nbc3 and i moved to b4
9. then, Walter moved to Nb5 and i moved to Qc6
10. Walter moved to a4 and i moved to b3
11. Walter moved to c3 and i moved to Qc4
12. Walter moved to O-O and i moved to g6
13. Walter moved to dxe5 and i moved to f5
14. Walter moved to Nf4 and i moved to Na6
15. Walter moved to Qd4 and i moved to Bc5
16. Walter moved to Qd3 and i moved to Ne7
17. and all of a sudden, Walter moved to Ne6 and i moved to Qxd3
18. Walter moved to Nexc7+ and i moved to Nxc7
19. Walter moved to Nxc7+ and i moved to Kd8 which might not have been that great a decision.
20. Walter moved to Ne6+ and i moved to Kc8
21. Walter moved to Nxc5 and i moved to Qc4
22. Walter moved to Nxb7, took my 2nd bishop, and i moved to Kxb7
23. Walter moved to Rd1 and i moved to Nc6
24. Walter moved to Bf1, that sneaky son of a bitch, and i moved to Qc5
25. Walter moved to Rd3 and i moved to Nxe5
26. Walter moved to Rd1 and i moved to Nxf3+
27. Walter moved to Kf2 and i moved to Nh2
28. Walter moved to Bg2 and i moved to Ng4+
29. Walter moved to Kf3 and i moved to Rae8
30. Walter moved to Ke2 and i moved to Rxe3+
31. Walter moved to Bxe3 and i moved to Qxe3+ 0-1 and then i had him.

pretty awesome but it was a really long game. like over 3 weeks. i don't know about this internet chess. its a little drawn out and there is no anxiety to manipulate your decisions. it isn't real chess but its fun and it gives you something other to check than your email.
i played real chess with Gordon last night a little drunk and really got my ass thrashed.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


this weekend i went rafting with my buddies ben, gordon, and joel. Joel had never been rafting before and it was exhilarating to watch someone get so giddy about it. it makes me feel good to be providing that as a service. the rivers around here are really awe inspiring.

Monday, July 9, 2007

right now

The latest thing is a video editing class i'm taking as a summer elective. It is an intensive week and I ought to have some sort of an interesting product by the end of it. The tentative plan is to compose a video that incorperates interactions with sculpted and modeled landscapes to go alongside a captured video of a google earth tour. There will also be glimpses of narrative in the form of quick clips of footage I have taken in the places I'm rendering and virtually visiting. We'll see how it goes but that's what I'm working on.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


this is the roughest version of my self portrait in google earth. created like 10/2006

The ole first post

well who the shit really knows what to put on a first post. not everyone really is all that cut out for blogging. its like having a public journal. this for instance is a three legged cat and i could say that she is the inspiration for all of my art. then later on i could say something else was. its nice having your own little space where you can make stuff up and no one will judge you for it.

hold on.. that's exactly what they will do. that's okay i suppose. i'd do it to them.