Tuesday, January 29, 2008


around sometimes. i even will start talking like someone if i spend enough time with them. i find that i still say some words like my good ole pal, i guess this is what you are if you change often. i alter my path artistically depending on who i'mbenjie. i wonder if this is a common thing. do other people/artists/animals do this? i feel like its an ingrained part of my personality now. i feel like i learn by imitating and then finding new sources. when some of my hippie friends ask me this question about whether i most associate myself with water, land or sky, i always answer water. i like the notions behind that element. i like that its flexible most of all. whenever the discussions around originality, memes and intellectual property come up i always think about how natural it is to mimic things you are attracted to. and maybe it all started with it being a survival tactic like it is with the chameleon. holla.

and i enjoyed the discussion on selling out. i agree with cyrus in that it is really about your own views on integrity. i think the tipping point could be vaugely defined as the point at which you are doing more things that others want you to do than you are doing that you want to do. that is probably the clumsiest way one could have possibly have written that. but that's okay. i'm not going to go back and edit because it is 12:30 and i'm tired. you get the idea.

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