Tuesday, January 22, 2008


so as my co workers and i get closer to finished with these projects i will fill you in on details one by one.

Kevin and I, after the seemingly regular period of time it takes to get to know your way around people when you start graduate school, decided to break the ice by playing frizbee. Kevin and I both have a history of sports and general outdoor stuff so it seemed like a good thing to do. Kevin is tall and really coordinated and I am short and reasonably agile so we made a good match for games like catch and stuff where you need two people. We would both probably admit that we are pretty competetive too. It was a really good stress reliever during those first awkward weeks especially.
As graduate school has progressed Kevin has been game for going on hikes, rafting and skiing trips, and other adventures that might sometimes prove challenging to find companionship for. Some of these trips were for school and Kevin was a good level head to have around. When I took 10 of the MFA folks on a rafting trip, Kevin guided the other raft.
So when I asked Kevin to work with me on something for my show I figured he would be game. He said yeah and I said we would talk more. We parted ways for the evening and the next time I saw him he said he had an idea. He apparently has done this thing with certain friends where they go hiking near a waterfall, and at some point, they take turns taking pictures of the other looking like they are puking out the waterfall. I automatically liked the concept and thought about how we could work out a photograph that would make it look like the little wooden sculpture of him was puking out the waterfall. It sounded fun so I started whittling a little version of kevin puking. Trying to get that posture right has been challenging and I acidentally carved his right hand in the thumbs up position. I think he's signaling that he's actually okay.
On a chilly Saturday, we took the little sculpture and a camera to Oneonta falls up along the Columbia Gorge and went on a little hike. The resulting photos will be scrutinized and chosen from and one will go in a frame that Kevin and I are making. The frame is going to have whittled sports memorabilia adorning it. Kevin and I both recalled the sports photos of kids in cheap frames with soccer balls hot glued to the face. Sports kid nostalgia I guess.

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Varinthorn Christopher said...

I like this project. Cold soup is still the future!